GUIDED TOURS VENICE: guided tours to the 55. Biennale 2013 Venice

The Biennale ist the most important exhibition of contemponary art worldwide. Since 1895 the Biennale happens in Venice all two years. Each participating nation has it´s own pavillon or exhibitan place. Some of the pavillons are designed by the most important architects of the 20th century.

The guided tours take place in different places:
1. in den gardens (national Pavilons)
2. in the Arsenal ( invited artists)
3. during a walk through Venice to selected locations

The italian Massimo Gioni (1973) was appointed in January 2012 Director of the Visual Arts Sector of the 55th Biennale 2013. Jeremy Deller will represent England, Sarah Sze the United States, Ai Weiwei will be one of a group of artits to represent Germany.


The Biennale 2013 guided-tours are special tours that have to be studied each time new. The price for the two-hour tour for 2 persons is 75 €, each person more raises the price for 5 €. For groups I offer special prices.