Stadtführung in Venedig

GUIDED TOURS VENICE: visitor´s guestbook

Dear Venetian Visitors, 

I would like to offer you the opportunity, if you like, to describe here your tour in Venice with me.
If you want to send me an e-mail, I´ll bei happy to publish ist on this site


Yes, it was a beautiful week, full of surprises, interesting facts about Venice, the wonderful marble floor of St. Mark’s Basilica, hidden corners, places mentioned by Brunetti, the Ponte de le Tette, the “anti-piss stones” and and and. And all this was achieved thanks to your competent and extraordinarily entertaining way to bring us closer to “your” Venice. Both of our two hour guided tours were definitely entertaining and without your explanations we would have left Venice having missed a lot. We’ll contact you again on our next visit to Venice. A very special thank you from Piedmont!

Gisella & Ronny J.

piemonte - et -

With Susanne in the Guggenheim Museum

I can’t withhold from you the enthusiasm of my group for the three and a half days spent with you. As you know, you guided a tour to highly culturally engaged and well informed guests. Everybody was full of praise. Amongst the many outstanding experiences there was a special highlight: your guided tour of the Guggenheim Museum. All the participants of the journey have already had many guided tours in various museums – but this experience with you will remain memorable. This has to be repeated sometime. With all the best wishes, from Hanskarl  Kölsch

Dear Susanne,

That’s the second time we’ve booked you for our Venice group for 5 days (this time from the 10th to the 15th November 2011) and we and our guests are again really impressed with your charming and entertaining way of guiding. The way you explain Venice to us makes experiencing and learning about history a real delight and was never dull. In combination with the really sunny weather in November it was a great pleasure listening to you. And this was over five days, all by heart and without repetition. That’s a really mature performance. You have guided us through the tight backstreets, in November when it was not so crowded, in an exciting and suspense-packed way and the best of it was: also to places and areas where a day tourist never goes and to the Biennale as well. The tours you chose for us gave us all a complete picture of Venice that we will never forget and we are already looking forward to being with you again in November 2013. On behalf of our guests, and of course ourselves too, we want to thank you dearly for your friendship, your commitment, your knowledge of the detailed facts, your organizational skills as well as your kindness and the many individual and precious tips (for shopping as well) and we wish you’ll always have clients that attentive and satisfied.  

From Grieshaber Wohlfuehl-Reisen Team from Bad Woerishofen in the Allgaeu, Juergen und Gitta

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Dear Mrs. Kunz,

We would like to thank you dearly for the guided tour to the Punta della Dogana that you organized for us, the Society for Modern Art at the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, on the occasion of our visit to Venice for the Biennale 2011. You gave us an understanding, not only of the historical building and of the importance of the place for the town of Venice, but the contemporary art inside the building was explained clearly and thoroughly. We will fondly remember this very successful start of our four day trip and we are happy to recommend you to other Visitors!

Frau Dr. Adelheid Komenda, Society for Modern Art at the Museum Ludwig, Cologne.

Dear Mrs. Kunz - Saponaro,

 is with pleasure that we remember the guided tour we did with you this April. “The Thief Lord” was the theme and our children (7 and 10 years) not only saw the original locations of the film, they also found out that interiors are not always shot in the same place as the original, and that a derelict, even though magnificent palazzo can look really sumptuous with the right lights and decoration. The tour was not only about the movie, you explained all the curious questions about Venice as well, in a professional and exciting way. For example, we found out a lot about the waste disposal in the town, etc. Two hours, even if packed with lots of commentary, are not enough at all to see and hear all that was interesting for us and we will book another guided tour with you on our next visit to Venice.

Thank you very much again for this great experience.

Barbara Ferrini und Familie
PS: The restaurant recommendations were superb!!

Dear Mrs. Kunz,

Venice has been for us all a wonderful experience on our company journey and we all agree that your guided tour was essential in making it so special. In fact it was a great relief that you didn’t strike us dead with dates but that you could explain to us the history of Venice in such an amusing and interesting way. It was never dull, simply great.

Best whishes from the cold Germany
Martina Koch

Dear Dr. Kunz-Saponaro,

I would like to thank you dearly for the guided tour at the Arsenale that you organized for our Rotary Club on the occasion of the Biennale in Venice. Not only did everything work out perfectly as planned, but in particular I was very impressed with how you explained contemporary photography books in a credible and fair way without giving subjective commentary, and I know being a publisher of art and photography books how difficult it is to do so. You did this perfectly and I can tell you that all the members of our Club were impressed by your guided tour. We dearly recommend you especially regarding your knowledge of historical art.

Kind regards from Heidelberg
Günter Braus
Edition Braus GmbH
Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 20
69117 Heidelberg

Dear Mrs. Dr. Kunz-Saponaro!

We – friends for 11 years – chose Venice for our journey last year. We were thereby incredibly lucky as Mrs. Kunz caught us in the town of the falling angels: she guided us for three days, in a professional, entertaining and up to date way through history, through backstreets, over land and water to the most interesting buildings, corners and ends of this fascinating town. Ergo: if Serenissima, then Kunz!

Dear Mrs. Kunz, thank you so very much - and we will be back.

On behalf of At-Alemannia-Alt-Vorstandsfreunde
Maya Sampfli

Dear Mrs. Susanne!

Every year I’m in Venice with a group. But this time with you it was a very special experience. Thank you very much and keep up the good work .

Hanskarl Kölsch (RL Palatina Kunst & Kultur)

Dear Mrs. Kunz-Saponaro!

We all really enjoyed the four hours long guided tour through Venice! Our children (15, 12, and 11) were well entertained too, which is not always easy for this age group. Maybe the combination of the “The Thief Lord” and the “Brunetti” guided tour was the perfect mix! Anyway, I will contact you again for my next visit to Venice, as I felt your tour was not only full of information but also very entertaining!

Best wishes from Germany
Stefanie Bretthauer

Good morning, Mrs. Kunz

With your wonderful rapport with the participants, your knowledge and your love for this wonderful town, you filled our group (Rotary Club Glarus) with a love for Venice.

We want to thank you dearly again for the great, intense and interesting hours spent with you – away from the tourist crowds of Venice.

Best regards and à presto!
Daniela Beglinger