Stadtführung durch Venedig Stadtführung durch Venedig Stadtführung durch Venedig 

GUIDED TOURS VENICE: Curriculum Vitae Dr. Susanne Kunz-Saponaro

I received my degrees in German and Italian philology and Educational Science at the University of Münster in Germany. Subsequently I moved to Rome and wrote my dissertation on history of art focused on the early Italian Renaissance period.

At that time, I began working as a tour guide for the German company "Studiosus-Reisen", an activity that brought me to Spain, France and Italy several months a year.

Returning to Germany, I taught languages, contemponary art and culture history at the Universities of Dortmund and Münster.

At the same time, I wrote a book about Catalonia (Katalonien - mit Barcelona und der Costa Brava) published by the German publisher "Artemis" in 1992 in occasion of the Olympics of Barcelona. In September 2009, I published a book about Roman artists, Rom und seine Künstler, for the German publisher "Wissenschaftliche Buchgemeinschaft".

Some years ago, I moved with my familiy to Italy. I took this oppurtunity to qualify as licensed tour guide of Venice.

I specialize in creating guided tours specifically designed for each client. If you are interested in Venetian history, the tour will be designed as such. If instead you are interested in how the sewage system operates, I can explain its unique design.